Wow, can’t believe I haven’t posted in over 3 years almost to the day. Hoping to post some more and an update on what has happened in the last couple of years.

Just got an email from Strengtheory about the first study on Intermittent fasting, you can read the study here and a review from ST here.

The review is actually great, it goes into some better details of the actual study and some things that weren’t mentioned. What’s really interesting is the change in the blood work of the participants, showing that intermittent fasting might assist in the healthy function of your body.

I’ve done intermittent fasting in spurts, and I’ve found that it did improve or assist my digestion and energy. Cramming food down your throat all day wasn’t something I always enjoyed, I usually opted for late breakfast and early dinners. Having a routine in the morning to make/eat breakfast does eat into sleep and other early morning activities. I also find my body takes food in better after doing exercise or at least moving around a little bit, versus waking up and then eating.

It’s a good read all around.