This is the first day in my life that I actually went to work and didn’t eat anything, and guess what? I feel great! I even had one of my best workouts, I had so much energy and drive to complete everything. I can still have liquids like water and tea, even small amounts of calories like milk and sugar. Technically if I was to snack throughout the day (handful of nuts) and then have a big meal at the end of the day. I would technical be doing the caveman diet

To be honest, it wasn’t really all that hard. I was focused at work and had enough to keep me busy which I think helped the time pass. I’ve done 24 hour fasts in the past and they were gruelling, until I completed my third 24 hour fast. I realized it was all my body and mind playing tricks on my weaknesses. I don’t need to eat when I’m hungry, I’m no longer controlled by my bodies urges.

The amount of energy I had throughout the day was amazing, I didn’t sleep all that well the night before. But I was still full of energy and didn’t really feel all that tired. When I got home I was still jacked, and not really burnt out or tired from the work day. I proceeded with my workout and was surprised at how much energy I had for not eating, I still feel like I can do another hour of running or interval training.

Lets see how this week goes, still got 4 more days!