I don’t know when this was drafted up, but it was most likely September 2013, this post was never completed.

The last update to this site was from July 28th, which is a day before my birthday. A couple of months behind, but things are definitely not behind on my weight loss progress.

Let’s do a recap, I started this Journey of weight loss 3 years ago and I was tipping the scale at 260lbs and a 44 waist. My lowest weight was in high school at 190lbs, as you can see when you hit your twenties, beer and sitting at a desk all day can cause some major weight gain. However, I had always been able to be active, but just as much as I thought I was.

Present day, I’m now very active and able to get in 5 solid days of exercise with a couple days of rest. I’m now at 237.8lbs and a 40 waist, and I’ve trimmed down incredibly. At a rate that I never thought was possible, and even my friends thought it was pretty amazing.

How am I able to continually make gains in weight loss and muscle? It wasn’t one secret weight loss method or pill, it was simply a number of items that kept me on track. I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned over the 25lbs that took almost 3 years to come off.

1. To lose weight you need to start thinking and acting Healthy.

It’s pretty simple, however we’re all different. I had to remove myself from situations that weren’t helping me with my weight loss. For me I had three vices and that was food, drinking, and a sedentary lifestyle of sitting on the coach on in front of a computer. For some it might be smoking, which of course isn’t going to help you lose weight or keep you healthy. Coughing up a lung each time you go running, well isn’t always healthy. I can’t really talk about smoking because that is just too close to home for me, family members and such have passed away due to a life of smoking. And that’s why really gets me, we have our entire life to do all the things we want. Yet for the last 10 years of our life because of our addictive and destructive habits, we will be bedridden or in and out of the hospital. But I digress.

You need to remove things in your life that aren’t making you successful, this might be places, things or even people (sucks but it has to happen).