I’ve never been one to write down what I want in my life, I was young and I just wanted to have fun and not be tied to something that would take me away from having fun. But goals aren’t about working towards something you want, they can also be fun in the process and easy to achieve if you give yourself some visual reminders.

Step 1: Write Down your Goals

You’re dead set on losing weight or being active more frequently, but first you need to identify your goals and put them down on paper or on Evernote. What is Evernote? It’s a great place to keep notes, lists, images and documents that you want to access everywhere. Check out the following article about Chad and how he uses Evernote to help people get fit and stay on track.

Fitness Ambassador Chad Williams Tells His Evernote Story [VIDEO] + Fitness Challenge Twitter Party Details

Once you have a list of your goals, you can then identify how you’re going to reach those goals by planning workouts or mean plans. You should also consider creating goals for your personal and professional life, as some goals might cross into multiple different parts of your life.

Step 2: Visual Reminders

You’ve got all of your goals written down, but you’re only going to see them when you sit in front of your computer or a piece of paper. How are you going to ensure you stick to succeeding and reaching your goals? You need to give yourself visual reminders, what do I mean? Well if one of your goals is to lose weight, start thinking of phrases that encourage you. For example “Get fit, feel healthy!” or “Lose weight for Brothers Wedding”. It can be anything that will remind you to keep focus on your goals.

Now you need to put these phrases and goals somewhere that you’ll be visiting frequently, for me its the bathroom and bedroom of which I think you will all agree we visit a good portion of our time. I usually type out my goals and phrases and then print out two pieces of paper and put them in the locations I’ve chose, sometimes I will even include a blank piece of paper so I can write down some of the things that come to my head.

Now when you wake up, or go to bed you will know why you’re pushing yourself to do those last two push-ups, or taking off early from work to hike for 3 hours.