Weight: 248
Music: Friendly Companion
Food: Morning/Whole Rolled Oats and fruit, Lunch: Chicken, Quinoa, Salad , Dinner: Fruit, Nuts, Toast.

After returning from Nanaimo and feeling rather partied out, I couldn’t wait to get some exercise back into my life. I did my warm up, walking briskly for 5 minutes and then running for 1 minute and resting for 1 minute 30 seconds and then running for a minute. I did only 3 of these as I wanted to concentrate on stairs. I  did my 2 sets of 50 steps which absolutely wrecked me, and I returned home to pass out and get a really good sleep.

Lynn Valley

The following day, I hadn’t planned anything until a friend called me to go hiking. We decided upon Homestead and Twin Bridge trail to start into the stairs on Two Canyon Loop near the suspension bridge and the 30ft pool swimming hole (picture below), after that we did Rice Lake which was a nice warm down. 

Lynn Valley has tons of great places to hike, and I keep coming back simply because its close and has enough trails that I don’t get bored. Some people like to explore new places, I’m perfectly fine with the same old trail. As long as there are 13 of them.

After a weekend of BBQ’s and Birthdays, which included food and alcohol. I felt the need to get some exercise in, so me and a friend decided on Lynn Peak which I thought wouldn’t be all that bad. It turned out to be insane, and by insane I mean longer than the Grouse Grind and not as nicely maintained. The inclines were similar but with more switchbacks which helped if you needed a rest. I have to admit, I was struggling to keep a steady pace, either because of the booze filled night before or my cardio was crap. Upon getting to the first flat part, which I thought was the end, I had almost gone through my entire water bottle and felt like I was going to die. Only to find out that we weren’t at the peak yet, we were only half way if that.

So we carried on to try and finish what we had come to enjoy, I had to stop quite a bit to catch my breath and gain some energy back. My buddy was ahead of me most of the time, and I was just purely exhausted most of the way up. The trail isn’t maintained like the Grouse Grind or like other trails at Lynn Valley/LCSR. It has rocks and all sorts of obstacles that make it even more difficult to keep up a good pace. Don’t get me wrong, its a great trail and provides lots of good Cardio as its mostly uphill.

There are a couple flat parts going up that I snapped some pictures of, but nothing compared to the end of the trail at the Peak. It was worth the entire experience, take a look for yourself.

All in all, the Lynn Peak trail is pretty awesome, I will be heading up its rocky path more than once this summer. I just don’t think I will be doing it when its raining, it was hard enough to get down the trail when it was dry.


To take full advantage of the nice weather on the weekend, I had to make sure that I got some Stanley Park Seawall Rollerblading completed. I’ve done it only one other time this summer which pretty much killed me, mostly because I was out of shape and hadn’t rollerblade in quite some time. Stanley Park Seawall is great place to Rollerblade when its not crowded, usually in the morning is the best time to go down. It’s relatively clear of bikes and other rollerbladers in the morning. If you really want the seawall to yourselft, shoot for 7:00AM or 8:00AM and you will have a great time and some great views.

I currently am using my old Speed Skating boots and a frame I picked up in Calgary back in the day, the frame provides 5 x 90MM wheels. It’s a pretty good combo, but my feet are bigger now and at times my feet hurt. They’re made of fiberglass and were molded to fit my feet, but that was years ago. This setup is also know as a skeeler, which is Dutch for an in-line speed-skate. I’m looking at getting a better pair of boots and blades so that I can try and get 3 loops on Stanley Park done, but this would only be possible by starting at 6:00 in the morning when there isn’t anyone around.

Rest Days

I can’t say this enough, make sure you rest your body and only start back on your schedule when you feel properly rested. This last weekend I’ve thrown my body around quite a bit, and even after a days rest I’m still feeling sore spots. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for a walk, or stretch as this will also help your body heal. You need to keep things limber for a while, and a little walk wont hurt all that much, and will in fact sometimes help along the healing.


Trail Maps

I’ve added a bunch of Common Trail Map’s that I hike, they’re pretty extensive and I feel so silly not knowing all the names before. But now I got a clear idea of where things are and what their real names are. So when I talk to anyone else I at least know what I’m discussing, where they might have no idea whatsoever. That’s one of the problems with the North Vancouver, it has so many parks and trails that its easy to get confused. However, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help.