Now this is funny, I haven’t made a post for over a year. Since July 24 2010, really close to my birthday. I’m assuming because I was hitting the tender age of 27, I needed to kick start my life with some healthy living.

Update #2

I don’t have pictures today, because I’m not really in the mood to take half-naked pictures of myself. I’m sure you can understand. I’m hoping to have more pictures as progress continues. I will also be posting weight, food, music and exercises whenever I can.

Weight: 256
Music: Them Crooked Vultures/Wutang
Food: Morning/Oatmeal, Lunch Soup/Half Turkey Wrap, Dinner Thin Crust Pizza/Almonds.

Todays diet was a disappointment when dinner came around, the Pizza was readily available. Unfortunately I had some physical activity that tired me out before I cooked dinner, I usually do physically activity after dinner or before depending on when I’m home. I had also been on a 4 day bender vacation, which didn’t help either. I’m hoping to make it up this week with consistent activities this week, but also taking into account time to rest my body. I really want to hit the gym as my upper body muscles are not being worked too hard.

Just to update you on the situation, for the last month and a half I’ve been slowly returning to an active life style. My goal as always is to loose weight, my target hasn’t been set because most targets are unrealistic and lead to watching the scale. I just want to lose my belly and gain muscle mass in my upper body. With that being said the concentration right now is to loose as much weight as possible before going to the gym.


One of the biggest problems with being active is motivation, how can you get yourself out of the house after coming home from work exhausted. I sit at a desk all day, and that is a problem for my body type. I will gain weight fast if I eat improperly and stay on the couch all day. If I eat properly, I can maintain my current weight but not loose weight. This is just my body, and what I’ve experienced. I don’t just like being active because it allows me to loose weight, being active povides a number of other positive improvements.

I’ve personally experienced the following when I started becoming more active. Motivation in all aspects of my life, I believe that when you exhaust yourself physically it allows for your mind to rest. Digestion is improved, sitting at a desk or being inactive will cause loads of problems for your digestion. Stress relief, I will come home stressed out and then go for a hike or run and feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Healthy Decisions, when you’re putting effort into enjoying the activities that get you off the couch, you’re less likely to eat bad food and more likely to do even more activities outside.


I’ve been running after purchasing a new pair of running shoes from Racket and Runners. I made the jump to pay more here in Canada rather than got to the states as I’ve never had direction in how to pick a good running shoe. But the lady who helped me at Racket and Runners found me a good pair of shoes, the Brooks Cascadia 6.

Armed with a good pair of Trail Runners, I could now actually go for long hikes and runs. However, with my weight at the top end of the scale I’ve been resistent to run for long periods, and I’m beginning to believe that running isn’t always the best for my body. I notice that my body gets really sore during and the day after the run, and I’m thinking about getting a bike. A book I’m going to try and get shortly is “Born to Run” just for kicks, it’s a really interesting book on running and a tribe that has the greatest long distance runners.

Aside from the running, I’ve been doing large hikes near Lynn Valley. I will be planning the Mt Gardner and Mt Crown hikes this summer. Which will be freaking awesome! If you need a good site to find trails, use hands down the best trail site I’ve found.


I’ve also been doing stairs, right now I’m doing 2 sets of 50 steps which is kicking my ass. I’m going to try and get to 4 sets of 50 steps and break after 2 sets for 2-3 minutes. I’m not too sure if this is the right way to do things, as the stairs I’m running have a platform after 6 steps. But its close to my house and is an easy way to get some good exercise in. I was searching online briefly and found this article about running stairs, and it has some good ideas.


I only started worrying about my knees after I noticed they were sore when I wasn’t even doing anything active. Basically they were just giving up because I was giving up on them. After reading a tweet on Knee Health I got curious and read the article quoted.

There’s lots of information about your knees and how you should be treating them. One exercise that I liked was the “Amosov Squat”, the video on how to perform this squat is below. I will see if this improves my knees, and report back.


That’s all for now, please comment and let me know your experiences and constructive criticism is always welcome.