Alright. So I was thinking to myself, and how I am always talking to people about eating healthy and how to lose weight. What is bad and what is good (It’s all relative), and blah blah blah. I wanted to share my experience of being the Fatboy by documenting my goals in losing weight, eating healthy, and making sure exercise is a daily activity. I will also talk about how I sit at a desk, what I eat in a day and how I measure up.

I do have some before pictures, here is one almost over two years ago when I was really over weight. It was also the first day I started going to the gym.

The front facing photo looks normal, but the side photo shows just how much fat I carry. As I’ve always been told that I wear it well.

Anyways, The lowest I’ve ever been in my 20’s was 190lbs. I had been active in lots of sports, Lacrosse, Speedskating and Soccer during my teens. Now that I’ve been at a desk for that last 7 years it has all gone to my stomach.

Anyways, the target weight right now is 220lbs. Here are some skinny boy pictures.